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What the corporate world needs is a seriously creative approach to defining its WHY. When you have a clear purpose, your people and organisation thrive! That’s why we’ve decided to combine the Creative and Commercial acumen of two like-minded advisors; Prototipe and Huxley Advisory. Our mission is to help you define your purpose and maximise your performance.

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Harnessing the serious power of creativity and industry-leading commercial expertise, we help you to define your purpose and turn it into tangible outcomes. From how it impacts your culture and the people in it, to how you innovate and operate to achieve commercial success.


You need to solve some of the biggest challenges your organisation has ever faced. Yet you are met with the same old static and formulaic approach, often leading to minimal engagement and sub-optimal outcomes!


Relying on a small group of senior people in your organisation for answers is no longer an option, you need to harness the whole. But so few internal or external consultants know how to create a democratised approach to problem-solving truly. This is where the true power in your organisation lies. We are a creative catalyst with commercial pragmatism. We help you think BIG, unlock your organisation's potential and deliver tangible outcomes. With deep roots in the corporate and creative worlds, we can talk your talk and walk your walk. You need to get to the nub of the problem fast and the solution even faster, we get you there. The answers are locked inside your people. We help them play with the big issues at hand and release their power to create valuable solutions.


We not only work with you on the big issues but also the small ones, which often make the biggest difference. Every team has its challenges, whether that's defining the organisation's purpose and culture or igniting new ideas and value creation. We’ve designed our approach to specifically address these and many other issues. We create bespoke experiences to deal with your specific needs.

  • Organisational Purpose, Values and Behaviours

  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation

  • Team Engagement and Productivity

Below are just some of the challenges we help you tackle:



We keep it simple. Through a process of immersion, stakeholder engagement, workshops and practical outputs, we deliver a bespoke programme designed at getting you where you need to be, if you don’t know where that is, we do that too. Through the use of creative workshop techniques like; Lego® Serious Play®, we enable your teams to dig deep into your most complex problems. Every individual explores and shares their thinking, and together with their teams, solves your biggest challenges through highly engaging, inclusive and collaborative workshops. We keep the outputs simple, giving you the tools to implement change.


We bring you two expert perspectives; creativity and commercial, helping you realise the full potential of your business.

Want to find out more? We would love to talk!

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Shaun helps organisations explore their biggest challenges through creative engagement and tangible outcomes. Whether that's enabling behavioural change, building innovative solutions, or unlocking their potential.

With over twenty years of experience within leading branding agencies, having created his own product brand and harnessed innovative techniques like LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®, he brings a different approach to problem-solving.

Shaun Jones
Founder of Prototipe

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Building out from the skills and experiences acquired in his 40+ years of working life, Mark launched Huxley Advisory so that he can more directly help businesses and the people within them maximise their capabilities. This is delivered via a blend of personal mentoring and wider business advisory/consultancy services.

Advice that is delivered by Mark or where beneficial, working in association with some carefully selected partners who he has previously worked alongside and that have demonstrable, market-leading expertise in their respective fields.

Mark Huxley
Founder of Huxley Advisory

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Shaun Jones

+44 (0) 7885 519850

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